Krishna, Padma, Sanjali, Subash, Ganesh, Vibhav


  • Project Updates
    • Balavdhyalaya. Poll is completed. See Poll for Balavidyalaya Proposal April 2019 to March 2020. Waiting for checklist - Vibhaa is looking into it.
    • Bodh. We are done with our work for now - it was a one-time deal. No new asks that we have heard.
    • Bhumi. Poll is completed. Vibhav will work with Vibhaa and initiate the checklist. New FCRA document has been received and Padma will upload to project space.
    • Deepalaya. Ganesh to follow up with a poll and take this to disbursement. Subash will help on subsequent cycles. We do need a dedicated project lead who can take ownership of this project. 
    • KJSA. Poll is completed. Waiting for checklist - Sangeitha is looking into it.
    • Mauli. It was a one-time proposal. They have completed the hostel building. Krishna visited the school in December 2018, and will file a site visit report. We are also requesting pictures of the completed building.
    • Parner. Disbursement for the Jan-April 2019 proposal is completed. Sahana is starting work for the follow up proposal for April 2019-September 2020. This will be done in the next 15 days. She will be sending out the third and final disbursement for this cycle in October 2019 for the period of October 2019-March 2020. The checklist will be filled in early October. 
    • Tiyas. Sanjali is trying to figure out how to get a site visit completed so we can disburse the funds due now. Several options are being looked into. Tiyas is also requesting additional construction funding. Sanjali will follow up on that and obtain additional details regarding the ask.
  • ARC Poll
  • Fundraising/Publicity events
    • Subash is working towards a Donor Dinner around September timeframe
    • Ganesh will follow up regarding a 5K Walk/Run during Q2-3
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