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Background for poll:

Team - this poll is to vote on a couple of team role changes happening this year. We would like the team's input on the choices:

  • Chapter Coordinator - After a year of very commendable accomplishments, Krishna has requested for a change from the Coordinator role. We checked around with the team and had an offer from Ganesh Murthy to take this up.
    • Statement from Ganesh Murthy - "I'm happy to step in to support Krishna's request and do what's needed for the chapter's continued functioning. We will continue to poll the team and network circles for candidates for this role."
  • Chapter Treasurer - We have a change here as well with Padma stepping down from the Treasurer role after 3 years of dedicated support. We checked within the team for a replacement for this role as well, and Subash graciously offered to take this on.
    • Statement from Subash - “I have been associated on and off with Asha MN for the past seven years initially as a donor and later as a volunteer. In this process I’ve visited (for the purpose of site reports) two of our ongoing project sites and engaged with management, teachers and students at Tiyas School and Balavidyalaya. For many years prior to that, my wife and I were also Asha Chennai sponsors for their sponsor a child program. We have a lot of faith in Asha’s commitment and processes.

      I remain deeply humbled by the strong impact our work here in Minnesota is having on hundreds of young minds in India who would otherwise have missed great opportunities. When I saw Padma stepping down from the duties she performed so well as treasurer (as did Ketan before her), I felt I needed to try to continue the good work that these two have done before me.“



Question Total Votes Average Score
Q1 7
Q2 7


Please vote for Ganesh in the role of Chapter Coordinator
Choices Your Vote Current Result: (7 Total Votes) Comments
Yes Q1
7 Votes , 100%
No Q1
0 Votes , 0%
Other Name Q1
0 Votes , 0%


Please vote for Subash in the role of Chapter Treasurer
Choices Your Vote Current Result: (7 Total Votes) Comments
Yes Q2
7 Votes , 100%
No Q2
0 Votes , 0%
Other Name Q2
0 Votes , 0%

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