Dear friends,

Greetings  from Asha's HQ, Kaithi.

We are happy to invite you in Asha' Trust Annual conference 2016 at our Asha Darshan Center  in Assam on 6-8th January 2017.

This place is in Tamulpur town at Baxa district of Assam. It is about 80 Kilometer from Guwahati (GHY)

Nearest railway station is Rangia (RNY).

Guwahati Airport is about 55 kilometers from Tamulpur.

Please confirm your participation and book tickets accordingly.

If you need any further information please feel free to call on following numbers :

Vallabh: 9415256848

Biju: 9435198562

Please also inform all members in your chapter/group/fellows and do advice everyone to participate in conf. and also suggest points for agenda. You can send your points up to 15th Nov 2016


With warm regards:

Vallabhacharya Pandey

Asha Trust Varanasi  

Mob: 9415256848

Management of SSRS (Agragati)

Project Page:

Jayati has been supporting Agragati, via Hijli Inspiration, for 1 year now.  The seems to be doing ok but there are still several issues which Jayati is concerned about:

  • selective answering of the questions she poses
  • no clear strategy and direction
  • growth of the project without a solid grasp of the fundamentals of its mission
  • questionable results from the ASER examination done of the children at the school

Despite these concerns, Jayati is still committed to trying to see Agragati become successful and will support them this year, though her contribution will be reduced relative to last year as per her previous decision to taper off funding.  Her continued support will be contingent upon Agragati and Inspiration answering her questions more promptly and completely and having a better sense of the outcomes being achieved by Agragati.


Site Visit - October 2015

Site Visit Report October 2015.docx


Budget Proposal

Final Budget Aggregate 2016-17.xlsx


Hijli Inspiration FCRA




Vote for project disbursal

Vote was for disbursal of 873,000 INR over two instalments (The first half will be disbursed now and the second half, contingent upon better, more responsive communication from Agragati and Inspiration, will either be disbursed in two quarters or as another half depending on Jayati's evaluation of promptness and completion of responses to her e-mails to Agragati and Inspiration)

Yes: 6

No: 0

Abstain: 0






Management of SSRS (Agragati)

Project Page:

An important consideration for the management of SSRS has been their lack of FCRA.  The way we are hoping to address this is by having another established Asha project (Hijli Inspiration - take over the management of this project.  Attachments are included below to indicate the various information and conversations we have had to determine how best to manage SSRS and the role of Hijli Inspiration in this process: 


Conversations to discuss Hijli Inspiration's Role

Conversations about SSRS management.docx

Minutes of the call:


Vote for project disbursal: Voting for project disbursal to Agragati.pdf

Yes: 4

No: 0

Abstain: 0


Site Visit

Visit Report.docx


Discussions after Site Visit



Budget Proposal

Final Budget Aggragati .xlsx


Hijli Inspiration FCRA




All of the history that Jayati gathered since Dec 2014 when she took on the project as Asha Star

SSRS 4-1-2015 OneNote.doc


sridhar kalavathi


Jul 8




to AnanthiRahulmestanford.proje.


Dear Rahul,
      I have given responses in line.
      I have also attached an excel sheet that would give our teachers performance over the years when they were in service and all info on school pas% and the number of students scoring over 80% at X and the highest score attained.
Sridhar V
REWARD Trust is focused, rooted & committed to enhance academic levels of rural, marginalised, first generation students in Rural Govt. Schools.Recommend REWARD Trust to all your known friends, contacts and philanthropists who share our cares, concerns & commitments.
 One thousand people contributing above Rs 5000/ each, every year, will keep REWARD Trust's activities going on without fail and with non-degrading vigour.
V.Sridhar & S.Kalavathi,  3, Bhairavi,  Anupuram 603127 , Tamil Nadu     Phone:  (044)      274 80500 * 22927(Off)        274 82090 (Res)                 09865 605 199;  09865 119 529;   094456 82090
----From: Rahul Batra <>
To: sridhar kalavathi <
Cc: Nagender Bandi <>; 
Sent: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: A gentle reminder from REWARD Trust

Dear Sridhar,We are preparing documentation regarding your proposal of funding for 2013-2014 academic year by Asha Stanford.
Can you please give us the following information -
1. Funds sanctioned to REWARD trust from other Asha chapters and/or other funding sources for 2013-2014.

        $20k from Princeton ( with freedom on number of Teachers & location of schools) +
        about Rs 5 lakhs collected  till date from Non Asha based donors ( within & without India)

2. Detailed proposal for 2013-2014 

            Our Estimated Budget for 2013-14 is about Rs 50 Lakhs for about 50 to 60 teachers. 
             Last year we had 52 teachers at maximum level and 40 at the minimum level. 
            Generally new recruitments for replacement will start in July and go on till September. New Schools & new recruitments will be taken up depending upon fund & teacher availability.
              This year these schedules can be altered and extended due to the anticipated II Teacher Eligibility Tests in August 2013.

 a) how many teachers are you expecting us to support, 
          Minimum $ 20 K as Princeton 
          Minimum 12 teachers == Rs 13 Lakhs
           ( 3 + 3 +3 + 3 at Higher Secondary, High, Middle, Primary School level) @ pay scales for our SENIOR Teachers of Rs 9500, Rs 8500, Rs 7500, Rs 6500 respectively + 1 month equivalent incentives . This works out to be about Rs 12,35,000/- on honorariums & incentives, the remaining money being reserved for expenses on resource persons, stationery & postage, auditor and if available for giving enhanced pay for the better teachersThe beginners basic pay sacles post VI pay commission for Govt Teachers is about Rs 13500, Rs 12500, Rs 10500, Rs 9500 including grade pay but NOT including DA & other allowances which on today's rate is almost equal to the basic pay whereas we start at a much lower level.

 b) in which schools/villages will they be teaching. 

          Pecking Order:  Koovathur, Nerumbur, Neelamangalam.

          Since Vengappakkam & Pandur Schools have been upgraded to Higher Secondary level from this year we may pick these schools for placing Higher Secondary teachers. The need for these schools may be great as it has just been upgraded and it may take several years before full complement of teachers are appointed by the Govt.!

 c) subjects that they will be teaching

          As on date:
          Primary level all subjects

          Middle school level mostly all subjects 

          High School:   Maths, Science & English  ( If needs be Tamil & Social)
          Higher Secondary: Any depending upon ground level demand ( Our priority will be Science, Maths, Computer Science, English & others)

 d) total number of students will they be teaching:

           This would depend upon the schools
                     We have figures for Koovathur. ( The figures given are directly the number students our teachers handle and NOT the school strength)
                      In Nerumbur the teachers are handling upwards of 60 x 2 each ( only for IX & X classes). It will be more if other classes are also assigned.
                      In Neelamangalam it would be about 45 x 2 each
                      In Vengappakkam & Pandur it would depend upon admissions since this is first year after upgradation.

 e) prior experience of teachers.
           The teachers who are with us have more than 3 years of experience directly under REWARD Trust. Some have earlier teaching experience.  Teachers who left us have over 8 years of experience.
            As for the new recruitments it depends on who is selected.
3. Are you planning to hire teachers during the course of the academic year ? Or, are you expecting any dropouts ?

                Recruitments:   Yes, both for replacement for teachers who left and as new additions.
                Dropouts:            Due to TET exams based recruitments by the Govt, or due to getting a more stable & higher income giving jobs

4. Audit report for 2012-2013 financial year.

      We have not recd the audit report yet.
           It will be available end August or early September.  
      We will mail it to you as soon as we get. 

5. We wired you Rs 2,09,000 (the second installment for 2012-2013) in May 2012 in order to support the salaries of 5 teachers in the Koovathur schools.
Can you please give us the following information regarding these 5 teachers separately -
a) Number of students taught : 

            Approximately:  250 x 2 (Sampath) + 60 x 2 + 200 ( Ranjith) + 60 + 50 + 60 ( Thanuja, Sivakumar, Manova)

b) Subjects taught :  

            Sampath: Tamil( +1 & +2) ,     Ranjith: Social (+1, +2 & X), 
            Thanuja: Classes III & IV,        Sivakumar: Classes I & II,          Manova: Classes IV & V
c) Pass % of students in the subjects that they taught (also the overall pass %age) : 

             Sampath ~98%,  Ranjith ~94% & 74% ( Overall pass % of the school 56 at plus two & 55 at X)

d) Are those still teachers still a part of the REWARD trust ? If no, why ?  

             Thanuja, Sivakumar & Manova are continuing.

              Sampath & Ranjith have "resigned" since June 2013. 

               The manifest "reasons":  a1) incompatibility with the new HM who took over last year
                                                        a2) The HM wants different teachers ( both as person and for subjects)
                                                       b) incompatibility that has arisen between PTA, Panchayat Presidents and the new school HM
                                                       c) Uncertainty in REWARD's decision to shift them to different / new schools
                                                       d)  The need for a higher salary ( Sampath got a job in pvt school to teach just 100 children with a promised salary of over Rs 10,000/- and a greater autonomy in his academic exercise.  Ranjith has gone for doing a different job and for trying his luck at TET exam this year.) 
             The poignant story of these teachers will be long & full of twists and turns,  reflective of jealousy & the pathetic state of certain sets of minds prevalent amongst some comfortable ensconced homosapiens. I can  narrate this story only when we meet in person


Renewal Decision