Asha 20 Setup
  1. We are using the Wiki to set up blog posts for Asha 20 :  Asha 20 - Stanford 2011
  2. We can share the blog links on social networks like facebook, twitter, emails etc
  3. Anonymous users will be able to view information
  4. Anonymous users will not be able to edit or add posts
  5. Anonymous users will be able to comment
  6. Registered wiki users will be able to add posts, edit posts and moderate posts
  7. My personal space on the wiki was open to all and hence you could create anonymous posts
  8. Old version of confluence supported Rich text editing in Firefox only and wiki markup on other browsers. There was Word doc upload feature and Word doc editing feature
  9. Confluence was upgraded to add Rich Text Editor support for all browsers
  10. Use link Asha 20 blog and settings  to edit blog and admin pages for blog
  • Anonymous users = users without wiki login
  • Confluence = Enterprise collaboration/Wiki/Blogging software from Atlassian
  1. Please test the Asha 20 space for blog posts and permissions
  2. Web team is working on setting up user permission
  3. Web team is working on setting up sharing permissions
  4. Block anonymous access to my personal share (Vyas)