May 1, 2018:

Navneet, Karan, Riti, Sohe la, Jacob and Sarvam

  • Roles for Board members:
    • Action item: Each board member to send email regarding top 2 roles - Submit choices by May 8
    • Action item: Neet to decide roles by May 9 and post
  • Board members have gone through and narrowed down the projects by voting on a poll. Each member could choose up to 2 projects.
    • Top projects were:
      • Gandhi Ashram - 5 votes
      • Swashrit Society - 4 votes
      • Asha Trust - Prerna School - 1 vote
      • Samerth Charitable Trust - 1 vote
      • Kaivalya Trust - Kedi Residential High School for Tribal Girls - 0 votes
    • Top projects selected: Gandhi Ashram and Swashrit Society
    • Action item: Sohela is working on developing a site visit report for Swashrit Society
    • Action item: Gandhi Ashram - The steward chapter is UVA Charlottesville . Member from board to contact UVA project steward.  
  • Recruiting University Coordinators: 2 coordinators chosen based on who was part of MSU Chapter
    • Action item: Neet to contact Ashish and Gautam and explain roles and responsibilities.