June 7, 2018

Navneet, Karan, Riti, Sohela, Jacob and Sarvam

  • Action item completed: Roles chosen
    • Chapter Coordinator -   Navneet Adhi
    • Project Steward -   Sohela Suri
    • Treasurer - Sarvam Patel
    • Webmaster - Riti Adhi
    • Fundraising - Jacob Pratt
    • Social Media (PR) - Karan Bhakta
    • University Coordinator - Ashish Tripathi and Gautam Pandrangi
  • Social media renamed: MSU Asha social media pages converted to Asha - Lansing Chapter. Action item: Neet to make everyone an admin on the page.
  • Ideas for fundraising events: budgeting, events, venue, finding info.
  • Action item: Board to be on mailing lists and go through FAQs
  • Brainstorming about what restaurants/businesses to partner with.