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  • Poll for Balavidyalaya School Proposal - July 2018

Project Title: 



Provide the information for the person who would be the main contact with Asha for Education from your organization. This person would be responsible for communications with AfE for our review and monitoring processes. Provide an alternate contact as well.


Main Project Contact

Alternate Contact






Executive Summary:

  1. Demographics - Briefly highlight the project location, target demographics of the project beneficiaries and the surroundings in terms of community size, literacy rate, education levels, monthly income, occupations etc (if relevant)

  1. Problem - Briefly highlight the problem that you are trying to address.

  1. Approach - Briefly highlight the approach your organization is taking towards solving the problem outlined above. What are the main activities that the project wants to do?

  1. Effectiveness - Briefly explain why your organization believes that the approach highlighted above would be effective in solving the problem. Provide references to pilot projects or published research that can back up this claim. Provide the ‘Theory of Change’ on how the intervention would lead to a successful outcome.

  1. Alternatives - Briefly highlight the alternate approaches that your organization considered (or other organizations are taking) towards solving the problem outlined above. What are the reasons that the alternates were discarded?

  1. Outcomes - Briefly highlight the expected concrete outputs and outcomes that you expect at the end of the project. Please provide succinct and exact descriptions.

  1. Metrics - Briefly explain what metrics will be used to measure the effectiveness of the project at the end of 2 years. How would you quantify that the outputs are a progression of effects that resulted from the proposed work? Describe the metrics to gauge the outcomes specified above in measurable and quantifiable terms.

  1. Long Term Impact - Briefly highlight the potential long term direct impact of the project. 

  1. Highlights – What makes this project unique? 

  1. Capacity for Success – Explain how your organization and project personnel are positioned to carry on the proposed activities with a high standard of excellence. Cite any recent project that might demonstrate your capacity to implement this effort successfully. 

  1. Scale – How can this project scale? Is the idea scalable? 

  1. Sustainability – Is this a one-time effort or does it need sustained funds? How do you envision the sustainability of the project? 

  1. Proposed project start and end dates:

  1. If this funding is for a pilot project or an initiative that hasn’t yet started, do you intend to borrow funds/use personal funds to start it? Or are you waiting for a grant from an organization like AfE or similar to begin the program?

Information about your group/organization:

  1. Name of the group/organization requesting funds:

  1. Organization website, if any.

  1. When was the group established?

  1. Briefly describe the mission/goal of the organization/group.

  1. Briefly describe the short term and long terms aims/goals of the group.

  1. Does your group have any religious or political affiliation? If yes, please describe the type of affiliation and the reason for it.

  1. What are the focus areas of your organization? (Give a rough estimate of the total effort/funding)
  • Community Development
  • Education                             
  • Health                                   
  • Other(Please specify)        
  1. Is your organization registered as a non-profit trust? Does it have a 80(G) exemption or equivalent?

  1. Does your group/organization have FCRA clearance?

  1. Does your group have any prior affiliation with Asha for Education? If so, explain.

  1. Board of Directors/Trustees

List the names and background of the directors or trustees of the organization.


Brief Background

Names of others, if any


  1. List of project personnel

List all the main people committed to the overall project and the % of time they spend on this project. Include the project coordinator, leader(s) of various initiatives.


Project Role/Responsibilities

% Time/ Effort





  1. Total project amount:

What is the total amount of funding (from all sources) that is necessary for implementation and completion of the project. (Use 1 USD = 55 INR for conversions)

  1. Confirmed/Potential funding from other sources towards the project:

Provide a list of other funding sources for this project along with the amount of funding. Also indicate the status of these funding requests (proposed/granted etc). Also indicate if these funds are restricted in use or unrestricted funds.

  1. Project Budget:

Provide a brief budget for the project per unit (per center/school/group/event) per intervention type in INR. Specifics of these would be asked for in the appendices. Feel free to attach a detailed budget as a separate sheet as well.

Budget Item By type

INR Amount – Year 1

INR Amount – Year 2

Recurring? (Y/N)

INR Asha funding requested

INR funds - other sources

Funding source


Teacher Training


Resource Center

Self Help Groups

Awareness/ Advocacy

Working with Government Schools





  1. How do you plan to sustain the project over the long term?

Additional Information:

  1. Please provide letters of reference along with contact information from two people in your community who can describe the impact of your program(s).

  1. If your organization is new, please provide letters of reference from two people along with contact numbers describing the work done by individuals in the group(s). If work related reference is not available, please provide two personal letters of reference.

  1. Has the organization approached the Government for funding? If so, what was the outcome? If not, why not?

  1. What community development activities is this particular funding request for?

Check the relevant box and submit the corresponding appendix alongwith. 

Appendix 1

Formal/Non-Formal/Special Education/Vocational

Appendix 2


Appendix 3

Resource Centers/Curriculum Development

Appendix 4

Promotion of Self Help Groups

Appendix 5


Appendix 6

Working with Government Schools

Appendix 7

Teacher Training

Appendix 8

Fellowship application

If your project focuses on multiple aspects, please fill out ALL relevant appendices.


  1. What are the other projects that your organization is involved in (completed or current)?

Name of the project with year(s)

Project Location

Project Goals/ Achievements

# of Benefi-ciaries

Project Budget

Project Funding Source


  1. Please attach your last year’s audit report to this application.
  2. Please attach your latest available annual report, if any.
  3. Please attach a detailed budget for the funding request.
  4. Please feel free to attach upto 10 additional A4 size sheets and/or information such as brochures, press reports, photographs etc. relating to your organization and its work.
  5. Please provide any other information you may consider relevant.

  1. Your feedback on this application would be valuable. Kindly specify if you have any.