Should we endorse Saakshi Goel for ASUC Senate?

Her platforms:

Combat sexual violence

Revamp lower Sproul (not as relevant to us)

Her job is also to advocate for us in the Senate and make sure there is representation for South Asian clubs (i.e. access to contingency funding, etc.)



YES, endorse – 6

NO, do not endorse – 2



Endorsement should require full, active, vocal support of a large majority of the clubs; given the number of abstentions, we have decided NOT to endorse Saakshi Goel for ASUC Senate

Not a reflection of who she is as a person or her platforms; we simply do not see a need to endorse any candidates, given our mission of catalyzing socio-economic change in India


India in the news

Protests at JNU, a highly ranked university known to be very liberal

Marching to protest a professor, who was accused of sexual harassment (case was severely mismanaged by university)

Policemen pulled the protestors into an alley, beat them up, forcibly disrobed the women

One female protestor was charged with assaulting a police officer and is currently being held in jail, despite photographic evidence showing she was the one assaulted by the police


Project Spotlight: Mera Sahara

Run by Joint Women’s Program, a Delhi-based NGO which was founded in 1997

Mera Sahara was founded in 2007 after the disappearance of several children in Nithari Village

Asha has been supporting Mera Sahara, a primary school, since 2009

ASHA provides 40% of funding, in total was have paid $93,312 in 8 years

This money goes toward paying rent, providing meals for the children, and paying the salaries of several employees

Mera Sahara provides one meal a day, computer & vocational training, and many other amenities

Currently serves 150 full-time children, 30 students come to tutoring part-time

Got 41 students admitted into mainstream schools in the last academic year, 2016-2017

Looking to expand and add up to 100 more children

Some problems they face: having trouble with their landlord, landlord is trying to raise rent


DeCal Updates:

Previous lesson was on rural development

Respected professor, Angana Chaterjee, is coming in next week to talk about women’s rights


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