Meeting Minutes 2/1


Decal Updates: First class was good. Next week they will go over India’s demographics.


Project Spotlight:AVB

      Works with the NGO, Arpan society that works with villages where local government schools aren’t great

      Do a lot of sports, computer literacy programs, and offers lunch and free transportation

      Asha berkeley usually pays for the teachers’ salaries

      This year we paid them $18,000. The teacher salaries have been increasing because of competition with private schools. The dairy and nature garden do not work anymore.

      AVB is still growing and was only created a decade ago.

      Question: Besides paying for teacher’s salaries what do you do?

      Answer: They ask for funding for fixing roads, transportation, and a one time payment for a yoga hall. Project stewards are the point persons for the project.


India in the News: Modi in Davos

      World economic forum in Davos

      Modi defended globalization. Free trade is the future.

      This doesn’t really line up with Modi’s values. The poor(farm workers, agriculture, manufacture workers, etc.) will be greatly affected

      Modi is in talks about having a high tariff on solar panels

      Is India ready to compete in a global market


New Attendance Policy

      Let Mihir know ahead of time (at least 24 hours)

      Consequences of not adhering to policy

      1st infraction:warning/probation

      2nd infraction: unable to apply to officer or steward position for following academic year

      3rd infraction: removal from any current position and active member status

      This includes board members


Project Committees

      Applications due next tuesday


      Project spotlights

      Fundraisers-henna fundraisers, selling on sproul, movie nights, etc.


Forum Planning


      Location+time:Tilden, 6:30-8:30


      Plight of farmers

     Suicide rate of farmers has increased



     Air pollution

     Climate change, and climate refugees

      Urbanization and its impacts




      Women’s rights/Social Stigma

     Sexual health

      Function of democracy

      Justice in India


      Censorship in movies

      Possible mixer in conjunction to Forum?

      Possible mandatory assignment for forum?

      New Akshay Kumar Toliet movie

      Lipstick under my Burqa

      Will send out form to vote

      Social stigma

      Farmers rights


Semester Social

      Sky High


      We can go to Pacifica

      March weekends

      Cost TBD

Position Open

      Publicity Coordinator position open