Asha Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2018

Officer Elections


Upcoming Banquet: Sunday, April 29 at 7PM at Gio’s

Hang out at Diya’s place afterward, exchange superlatives


Project Coord – Diya

Secretary – Navya, Maya, Bharathi

Social Chair – Kamu, Varsha

Publicity Coord – Kaavya, Pooja

Historian – Amogh

Webmaster – Bala

IOI Coord – Anvita

Sponsorship Coord – Ana

Treasurer – Aastha


Diya (WON)

Project Coord

Been in Asha since freshman year

We have been stagnant in terms of projects over these last three years

Have not done anything about all the new ideas we have had recently

Add more structure to project committees, engage underclassmen more effectively

Goal of events is not necessarily to raise money but to raise awareness

Get the word out through consistent fundraisers

More structure, accountability, and involvement of projects in larger events like Images of India

Long term goal: have a big fundraiser event like a 5K

Involving grad students

Thoughts on new projects? Time to drop projects and add new ones instead

How to improve current operating procedures? Move away from email and toward face-to-face check ins


Navya (WON)


Joined Asha last semester, experience with children’s education in India throughout her childhood due to familial commitment to this cause

Secretary of HOSA for two years, experience taking meeting minutes and sending out emails

Wants to create a film reel to display at our tables during recruitment, IOI

Literacy mentor for a student, try something like that for here in Berkeley, aim for service here in the Bay Area


Maya (LOST)


Joined Asha this semester

Secretary of Science Olympiad and Vice President during her Senior Year in high school

Organized, wants to be held accountable, joined Asha because she believes in its values

Sees this as a way to get more involved with Asha in general

Vision: fundraising committee, we talked about how each project committee would do a fundraiser but we never followed through on that, good way to reach out into wider community, help our chapter expand as a whole

Capacity to learn & desire to learn more




Sophomore MCB major, been with Asha for three semesters now and served as IOI coord last semester and served as project steward of Mera Sahara with Sharina this semester

Committed to attending every Asha meeting, involved in organizing a lot of activities

Connect Asha to other organizations in the area, outreach to different Asha chapters like Stanford, interact with them and compare notes on our projects

Plays a role in helping everyone with their job, create more internal activities like chumming



Social Chair

Has been working with Asha for almost all her life due to familial commitments to Asha

Having a date party, but wasn’t able to put a retreat together

Next year there definitely will be one


Varsha (ELECTED)

Social Chair

Been social chair for the past year, role has expanded to cover recruitment (greatest turnout and recruitment we’ve had in several years)

Had diverse socials like bowling & date party

Accountability: have a retreat in the fall (Tahoe) and in the spring (Santa Cruz)

Low-key socials and bonding experiences like study hours



Publicity Chair

Worked as forum publicity director with Kaavya

Kaavya did flyers, Pooja planned tabling & FB spamming schedules & posting flyers


Kaavya (ELECTED)

Publicity Chair

Been in Asha since last semester, but was involved in Asha before college

Passion for digital art & artistic design, made the flyer this year and wants to continue doing that

Membership spotlights, took photos for that








Anvita (ELECTED)

Images of India Coordinator



Sponsorship Coord


Aastha (ELECTED)