The Swashrit Society is a Non-Governmental Organization founded by the late Mrs. Shaila Barmi in New Delhi, India. The Swashrit Society promotes health and literacy in Indian children, particular girls, by encouraging a holistic development approach amount children and youth, as echoed by their motto: “educating children for a better tomorrow.” Swashrit has a board of dedicated professionals who contribute their time to help improve India’s future by investing in the country’s youth. They also provide opportunities for community members to volunteer and contribute to their work.

Only 59% of children in India have access to education in India, despite a national policy for compulsory primary education, so Swashrit has 4 school centers in Delhi servicing 400 children with room for more students and potential to expand these initiatives which are to provide basic education to underprivileged children by helping them with reading, writing, and moral and social values, to provide the students with basic study material (books, notepads and stationary), to provide access to learning activities, sports and games, and to provide a stimulating environment conducive for the psychological, physical and emotional well-being, through availability of counselors, career counseling and vocational training.

Swashrit does more outreach than just the school centers in Delhi; they do work in 10 other cities in India including Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Indore, Rajasthan, Bangalore, National Capital Region (NCR), Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune. Swashrit has 350 schools involved, they’ve impacted 2,000,000 students, they also have 150,000 teachers involved, and they’ve impacted 4,000,000 parents. Asha Lansing will be working to help raise funding for an initiative which will touch all of the previously mention cities. Some programs we will specifically be benefitting include Mental Health for Girl Youth which inculcates root cause analysis and coping strategies related to anxiety, depression, aggression, substance abuse, societal pressures, relationship issues, career related concerns and also addressing environmental risks and social determinants of health, Self Defense training as the need of hour. To boost self-confidence and learn to defend yourself can save your life inculcating yoga and meditation for inner strength, and Sexual awareness sensitizing the Good Touch and Bad Touch to children. Empowering them to say no to sexual abuse.

Their initiatives across India also Project Rozgar. Project Rozgar is an effort to provide jobs to the needy in the community. A network was formed with various  corporations to promote the products made by these individuals, especially for corporate gifting. Parents and relatives of underprivileged children can earn income through this project by making desktop stationary items, Tie & Dye/ Block printing/ project Batik for table cloth, Duppatta, curtains, etc…,  diyas (earthen lamps), organic Holi colors, and rachis. Any additional profits from these projects go back into the organization to fund this initiative and others. Another initiative is health education programs and camps. Qualified health counselors and doctors deliver programs aimed to promote good health amongst children, drive and instill an active lifestyle and healthy nutritional habits amongst school children, instill in children, coping mechanisms to deal with the changing needs that helps them build a healthy, drug free lifestyle, and enable the students, the teachers and parents to instill harmonized maturity (physical, nutritional, educational and psychological) in children and adolescents of today. They offer general pediatric health checks, ear, nose, and throat checks (ENT), dental checks, and mental health resources. The seminars are on various health related topics tailored for the specific audiences: doctors, teachers, parents, children.

Additional programs Swashrit has, some of which have corporate sponsorship, include GET ACTIVE – Sponsored and Supported by PEPSICO), Growing Up Right (GUR) – Sponsored and Supported by OCL, Johnson Control INC, Substance Abuse Prevention Program – Sponsored and Supported by Deutche Bank, Intellichild – Sponsored and Supported by La femme and VLCC, Health and Nutrition Programin liaison with R.R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. (RRO), Energry Conservation Program in partnership with PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association), Employee Wellness Helpline, Employee Wellness Workshops, Onsite Counseling, Five month long Film Festival and Life Workshop Series for seven states in association with Amar Ujala, and the Read India Initiatve – Supported by Hindustan Times.