Minutes of the meeting (Call-in)
Attendees  : Arvind Rao, Ranga, & Mohit

  1. Volunteers raised concerns about ARC Cycle 1 Polls (Chapter Financial Planning and Effective utilization of funds)#* Concerned about transfer of money to General Funds based on WCR. It can lead to accumulation of money in Asha Central without actually going back to the Chapters. Example, if through this means, $100k is transferred to Asha Central while ailing chapter(s) need $30k, then the remaining funds will accumulate at Central level.
  2. ARC Cycle 2 - Poll 1#* Vote 1 - 3 YES
  3. ARC Cycle 2 - Poll 2#* Vote 1 - 3 YES
  4. ARC Representative - still looking for a volunteer to take up the responsibility
  5. Discussion on Mathru Foundation#* Talked to Malathi & Padmanava. 
  6. Discussion on Uday Pathshala in Girirajpura#* Looked at the 5 year plann provided by Maneesh (GSK)
  7. Potential Project - CBR initiative for Khushboo Welfare Society #* CBR is Community outreach program where Khushboo's will work with village medical centers/clinics to identify and help mentally challenged children