Attendees - Sowmya, Vikram, Ranga, and Mohit

  1. Siddamma's fellowship program - Poll Results 
    1. Results : 6 Yes / 0 No
    1. Poll results are available here - link
    2. Feedback : Add option for Abstain and comments for future polls. 
  1. Action items from previous meetings## Mohit is waiting on Murali to give an update on how SV is approaching Girirajpura project. 
  2. 2015 ARC Poll - Cycle 1 Discussion
    1. Mohit forward the ARC poll email to the mailing list. 
    2. The goal of this poll is to ratify some of the by-laws of Asha. More details on this link
    3.  Question - Who are members of Board of Directors ? Is it the President, Secretary, et al. ?
  1. Update from Khushboo Welfare Society - Infrastructure project
    1. Documents are uploaded on Asha Austin Drive - link
    2. Volunteers are encouraged to read ahead of time. Since the meeting was cut short, we will discuss this item next meeting.