Date and Venue: Room N210, Howey Physics Building, Georgia Tech, 7th March 2018



  1. Mayank Agarwal
  2. Anuradha Bulusu
  3. Anusha Harish
  4. Chirag Jain
  5. Arkadeep Kumar (Call in)
  6. Shruti Lall 
  7. Abhirup Mukherjee
  8. Anish Mukherjee
  9. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  10. Agniva Roy
  11. Dhwanil Shukla
  12. Prasoon Suchandra


  1. Caring crowd pitch by Abhirup
  2. Vote for approving DivyaJyoti budget
  3. Vote for approving GVT budget
  4. Discuss Kalyania and Nishtha proposals
  5. New project proposal form


1Caring crowd pitch by Abhirup  

Abhirup :

Spoke about caring crowd

The organization should associated to a 501c foundation

There is no fee that caring crowd takes

Projects should be related public health ( such as operation training to global health NGO)


Gave a pitch about divya jyoti


Does this fall under the purview of the kinda of projects that caring crowd supports?

Is there a website we can look at



There is another project from Spastic Society that needs support, but they do not have the time for hand holding as such. How involved will the NGO need to be? Because that would be the bottleneck


The organization does not need any more involvement than just providing the details about the projects


What would be the timeline

Abhirup :

The number of days for a project will be capped at 90 days

I can lead the effort here, I told need to be here for the whole of the three months

But ideally the board would need to be up by May so the proposal needs to sent for vetting for to the governing council

And then I can follow up

Should be 501c3 organization


Yes asha has been 501c3 for 20 years and divyajyothi and ssk are fcra compliant


We may need to phrase it as asha is being supported by this initiative, and asha inturn is supporting ssk or divya jyothi

Anu :

SSK has been funded for a long time by Asha. But they dont have the time to hand hold and help us step by step. But divya jyothi being new, it does not have success stories to push on this platform



SSK would be perfect for this if we can get the proposal in time. We can reach out to them see if they are interested.



It would be best if we can get onto a call with to discuss it


Anish :

It would be advisable to understand the details that caring crowd would nned


Shashi :

Hijli Inspiration could be another

2Vote for approving Divya Jyoti BudgetComputer training and operational expenses-

Anusha :

We asked about their past success and details of placements and they didnt give a straight forward answer

Anu :

NGOs usually dont have the bandwidth to follow up on those who graduate from the program, that might be the case

Dhawnil :

It might good to get this in the long run

Anu :

We can help as stewards and identify some

Mayank :  

What is 192000 for food and accommodation?


We will do a quick follow up before the vote

Vote locked on Divya Jyothi

Update regarding the INR 192000 line item in the budget from Divya Jyothi:

INR 1,92,000 annually for the food and accommodation is only for the students who are visually challenged to getting computer education in our organization not for the instructors

2Vote for approving GVT BudgetBicycle programNumber of bicycles and transportation costs

Dhwanil :

They will go ahead with AOne cycle, and the mistake regarding the transportation cost, the break up was 50 and 50 units at 100 and 150 INR

   Identification of beneficiaries cost

Anu :

Regarding beneficiary cost, vols of gvt would work with teachers to identify students who drop out and then meet families of these students to identify those students who need the cycle

  Para teacher program

Dhwanil :

Budget increased 1.5 times

Shashi :  

Can you just make a table out of the budget


Mayank :

It is easier to force a teacher to come rather than arranging for substitute teachers.Maybe putting a little more pressure on the teachers to be more regular, it would be better.

Anish :

Who are doing these trainings

Anu :  

These are well educated local individuals who did not clear the government teacher exams but are qualified for the train teachers


The government has already built the infrastructure for teachers, we just need to strengthen it.


Agreed, we should probably fund the bicycle program fully and restrict the para teacher program to 4 as per last year

  Vocational training

Dhwanil :  

Budget remains the same as last year

Anu :

Padmanava spoke with GVT to identify key area where training can be provided. The follow up conversation showed that they are thinking about it. They are having a meeting with industry heads in the area to discuss this further

3Discuss Kalyania and Nishtha Jagaran and Night Shelter proposals  

Agniva presented budgets for Nishtha Jagaran. Compared 2017 and 2018 budgets and found them to be very similar. Chapter had no new questions for the budget. Ready for voting.

Waiting for updates from Nishtha Night Shelter and Kaylania Budgets

4New project proposal form  Call to be scheduled with Akshay

Action items:

  1. Reach out to SSK about caring crowd 

  2. Divya budget item for 192000 should be resolved : INR 192000 is the cost for food and accommodation of visually impaired children for one year

  3. Budget for GVT bicycle program modifed to reflect the changes and para teachers should be changed from 6 to 4

  4. Nishta night shelter we need another site visit

  5. Nishtha jagran the site vsit and budget to be uploaded on the website and vote to be added to wiki

  6. Create project page on atlanta website for divya Jyoti


  1. Divya Jyoti:


  2. Gram Vikas Trust Bicycle Program


  3. Gram Vikas Trust Para Teacher Training

  4. Gram Vikas Trust Vocational Training

  5. Nishtha Jagaran.