Holi at Kiwanis Park, Tempe on Sunday, March 4th 2018

ParticipantsRashmi Krishna 


What did we do well?

  • We were able to book a table at the Goshala Holi 2018 event well in advance for 150 $.
  • We set up the table, put up banners at the table, printed flyers with chapter info.
  • We identified items to sell about 3 weeks prior to the event
  • We bought the items to sell well in advance this time, to avoid purchasing things on the last day
  • Came up with a new game idea for the event day- Spin the wheel - prizes were coupons that we got from different sponsors

At the event:

  • Sold about 75 sunglasses @ $3 each and $5 for two, 200 car seat covers @ $1 for two covers. The car seat cover idea was a success and a lot of people at the event appreciated it.
  • Set up a photo booth next to the Asha table- this was an option on the Spin the wheel pie.
  • Set up the "Spin the Wheel" game - gave away some prizes and coupons
  • Sold T-shirts @ $10 dollars each
  • Got some sizeable donations - largest donation was $200
  • Sold jewelry - Earrings were sold at $15 each

Overall , the event was a great success and we raised ~800 dollars at the event (not including the expenses incurred for the purchase of the items).





What should we have done better?

  • More effort in promoting Asha AZ at the event 
  • Lack of attendee participation at the booth
  • Better ideas to sell items at the booth

Things to think about:

Are we doing this again?

How do we engage more people ?

Is it a good idea to shadow another big charity organization like Goshala?



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