Howey Physics Room N210


  1. Mrunal

  2. Sudarshan

  3. Prasoon

  4. Dhwanil

  5. Ajay

  6. Anish

  7. Shashi (Call in)

  8. Anusha (Call in)

  9. Bahni

  10. Tapo


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Compile projects list

  2. Dussehra:

    1. Sudarshan to look for non-veg catering, 1 more veg sabzi

    2. Contact paper & Clay: Bahni / Anusha

  3. Fill the google map for newcomers by end of this week

  4. Inquire with SSK if they need any support for the assistive technology initiative.


New Business

  1. Committee budgets for Fall 2017

  2. Grad expo timeline

  3. Meet and Greet planning

  4. Dussehra event launch

  5. Swag for grad expo

  6. WAH submission


Dussehrra (D): Inputs from different teams to marketing team.

D: Regarding sponsors: Sponsors to be included in all the “printed” materials???

D: Budget from each committee (by Jul 29)

D: Use of food containers (ISKON/Govinda food supply)

D: Food: Mix of north and south indian food

D: Marketing ideas

D: Event attraction ideas (Indian markets etc)

General (G): Budget from each committee for other Fall ‘17 events

Grad Expo (GEx): Card-holders (Ajay)

GEx: Volunteers; signup (Prasoon)

GEx: Snacks/candies etc

D/GEx: Dusshera bloopers on Grad Expo (consult Dusshera marketing team)

Meet_n_Greet (MG): Decide on snacks, name tags, ice-breaking ideas, trivia etc (all, talk to Mrunal)