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  1. Dussehra update

  2. GTSF proposal

Last Meeting Follow-up


New Business


Anish spoke about poster requirements, along with the photo booth. It was decided upon having a four and half feet long photo booth and Prasoon will look into cardboard requirement for the photo booths.

Sudarshan called in to say that all the decorations are ready except the center pieces, Shashi will take responsibility of getting it done.

Anish spoke about the meeting with under the couch tomorrow, 26th of september, at 1:30PM. Anosh, Anish, Dhwanil and Anusha will attend this meeting to figure out the sound system requirements for the event.

Shashi gave an update on the ticket sales. 80 tickets have been sold, total amount raised is $860( update :

Ajay and Jyoti will work out the MC roles tomorrow and they will decide on when to have a rehearsal.

Dhwanil said that Vinodini may be late on the event day, Anish will follow up with Vinodini and adjust the event flow accordingly.

Shashi showed the QR codes, he will look into how to handle ticket validation on event day as well as the email to be sent out to all ticket holders with event details. The email will go out on Thursday.

Mrunal will look into how to arrange for extension cords for the Friday campanile event. It was discussed that we should target the lunch crowd in particular. We will have card holder at the table?

Anusha brought up volunteer sign ups, Prasoon will contact people and make them sign up. Dussehra committee members were reassigned.

GTSF proposal was discussed, and approved by all attendees.


Action Items

  1. Expenses ; Marketing and decorations committee will give an approximate expense sheet

  2. UTC : Anisha, Anosh, Anusha and Dhwanil will go talk to UTC on 26th Sept 2017 at 1:30

  3. Event day sign ups : Prasoon will send out sign up sheets

  4. Food heaters : Sudarshan will ask masti about heaters and trays, if they don’t give it, we will have to buy them

  5. MC rehearsal : MCs will discuss the event flow and then have a rehearsal in front of the execs

  6. Ticket validation : Shashi will look into validation of QR codes or check in sheets for the event.

  7. Photo booth : Anish and Prasoon will look into printing and making four and a half feet photo booths.

  8. GTSF proposal : Shruti will submit the GTSF proposal for the sustainability jam. Review session will be on Thursday  28th Sept at 11am.