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30 minGSK - Girirajpura School update


30 minKWS - update for 2nd disbursal

Documents specific to Second Disbursement: 

1. Funds utilization report for Apr 2018-Sept 2018

  • They have utilized all of our funds towards the support of staff salaries approved by Asha-Austin.
  • Excess deficit spent by KWS is 4.76 lacs.
  • Total spent is 11.02 lacs, of which Asha-Austin support has been 6.02 lacs.
  • This includes the newly appointed audiologist for therapies.

2. List of students and staff on roll (please see separate tabs in #1 above)

  • As requested by Asha-Austin, they have furnished the student list specific to each class.
  • As envisioned by them and discussed during annual review, they have hired a new special educator, two assistant teachers and an additional bus-driver.

3. KWS Audit report for 2017-18, Financial Health of KWS

  • They have utilized excess to reserves over the past two years towards purchase of land for their residential home project.
  • Their numbers are same as the ones used in their financial analysis worksheet
  • Financial health (internal) computes WCR using two methods, as their general reserves also includes their CSR building funds. Now, they are at 1.3 after the land purchase.

4. KWSAnnual report for 2017-18

  • Annual report gives detailed information on the activities of the school and the project partner

5. KWS newsletter from April to June 2018 and from July to September 2018

  • Activities of the school from April to September 2018 to include sports events, school celebrations, medical health checkups, trainings and orientations, etc.

6. KWS Annual Review 2017-18 and Proposal for 2018-19
7. Update on their residential home project + Proposal for ISP

  • KWS has submitted a proposal for their residential home project for the Asha-wide Innovative and Scalable Project Proposals.

From Annual Review:
8. KWS Site Visit Report and Q&A with Pics/Videos (Rajdeep, Asha-Zurich)
9. KWS Financial Analysis
10. Asha-Austin's KWS Budget Proposal for 2018-19

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