Discussion items

40 minGSK-Girirajpura site visit
  • Rajaram from Asha Chennai visited GSK's Girirajpura school in Rajasthan
  • His Site Visit Report - Girirajpura is uploaded on project page.
  • Having experience from working with Govt schools, Rajaram is familiar with TN's education system. While TN's state of govt school is in relatively better shape, he found that Govt schools in Rajasthan are not doing so well. Hence GSK's presence is very essential in the region.
  • Rajaram and GSK discussed sharing teaching and learning methods with Asha Chennai since TN's implementation of activity based learning had limited success. GSK can also learn from Asha Chennai's effort in technology & learning as well as how to effectively assess children's learning and measure the impact of their teaching methodologies.
  • Rajaram also noted that he is working on a data analytics project with IIT Chennai and Mumbai, where they plan to analyze data and draw correlations and conclusions to guide education policy change.
20 min Strides of Hope
  • Cap 10k got cancelled so now targeting Sunshine Run.
  • Subra worked out 20% discount with race organizers.
  • Need to get the enthusiasm with runners and register.

Action items