Minutes of the Meeting for the Proposal  for the year 2019/2020   04/05/2019


To discuss the proposal for the year 2019/20120 for Asha  Mumbai center .

Volunteers present







Point of discussion : to discuss the next years planning and budget 2019-2020

1) This year it was unanimously decided to  discontinue 11th /12th.      

Routine coaching and instead motivate the students to take up  various courses like diploma/ ITI etc. Also since we  are partnering with MakerGhat ( Maker’s space)  all the students can do the projects based studies for further  achievements.

2)We  observed that we are spending INR 1.20 Lacs/PM for 5 teachers who were able to help only 35 students of 11 th and 12th. Not many students enrolled hence it was decided that we may help the most needy ones from outside than to run the regular coaching.

 3)from this year onwards we are strengthening our project based learning Model in which apart from theory children will learn more by doing things.

4) We are restarting the morning batch as there is demand from the students

5) Mid day meal program continues as last year.

For this we have modified the teachers strength and quality . We are appointing the teachers who have great deal of  sociological approach toward education and not just theoretical approach.

We will need the teachers as per the proposal.

The budget has been worked out looking at the project based learning establishing Labs/ conducting workshops etc.

All the points were discussed elaborately and the budget proposal was approved.